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Oil & Gas Opportunities

Investment opportunity in Ultra Deepwater Gas Exploration project in Myanmar that will yield long term returns on investment.   

Patented ULF Anti-Corrosion Technology applications that bring long term cost-benefits to oil refineries, water treatment and desalination facilities.

Myanmar Ultra Deep Water Gas Exploration Project

Patented Anti-Corrosion Technology for Water Treatment & Desalination Plants

Patented Anti-Corrosion Technology for Oil Refineries

Gas Exploration - Myanmar

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Gas Exploration

ADG is honoured to have the opportunity to participate in identifying suitable strategic investors for the energy production, sustainability and security project; not only for Myanmar, but also regional stakeholders. Energy production is a key driver of economic growth and the significance of this project cannot be overstated.
OPPORTUNITY:   US$500M-US$1B investment or project financing 


Patented SRB Anti-Corrosion Technology
We invite oil refineries, water treatment & desalination plant operators to experience the effectiveness and cost-savings this patented technology will bring you. 
And also invite qualified partners & distributors for the global markets.  

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Patented Oil Refinery SRB Corrosion Control Technology

Injection well water corrosion issues

  • Injection water passes through oil & soil strata picks up SRB

  • Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) cause serious anaerobic steel corrsosion.

  • SRB colonizes in crevices, pits, inside biofilm, flow boundary stagnant area.

  • High chloride & conductivity of injection water accelerate general corrosion.

  • Severe corrosion in pipe and tank internal surfaces.

  • High corrosion repair & steel replacement cost especially most corroded steel structure are the at the explosion proof areas.

  • Present chemical treatment is expensive and average corrosion rate still cannot meet SINOPEC requirement.

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Proven SRB Anti-Corrosion Technology Deployment: SINOPEC - China Petroleum Corporation

ULF CORROSION CONTROL PERFORMANCE VALIDATION:   Magnetite layer SEM & EDS examination by independent 3rd Party technical auditor.   
  • China National Standard GB 1720-89 coating porosity, adhesion force and water penetration results.
  • Black magnetite coating has excellent adhesion, classed as Grade 1 coating, the best coating grade.
  • Black magnetite coating under x100~500 magnification examination is very dense, no cracks and no porosity.
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Water Treatment & Desalination Plant Applications

ULF Corrosion Control Performance Validation

After complete stopping of chemical dosing, online continuous corrosion meter general corrosion rate reduced to 0.006 mm/per year. Far better than the standard requirement of 0.076 mm/per year.

OPPORTUNITY:   If you're in the water technology sector; managing water treatment or desalination facilities and would like to experience the benefits of ECOSPEC's patented anti-corrosion solution, please reach out to us.

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