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National Micro Insurance Venture: Cambodia

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Cambodia Micro-Insurance 

The Cambodian leadership is taking a step in the right direction in inculcating the need for a safety net when it comes to motoring.  A national program to insure all motorist is underway to alleviate the financial burden of road users in the unfortunate event of an accident.  ADG is privileged to be involved in this meaningful social initiative.

The key stakeholders are committed to setting up a joint-venture entity to own, operate and manage the mandatory motorist insurance scheme.  This JV entity will work closely with the Government in administering the program, collection of premiums and managing claims or disbursements.  

OPPORTUNITY:    The parties hereby invite a suitable investor or strategic partner to invest US$5million in the form of debt financing in exchange for an equity stake in the joint venture.

The operating license, premium rates & liabilities/claims structure has been approved by the Government.  Once the funding is secured, the entity will start operations as all approvals are ready.

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