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Invigo Coffee

Appointed the master distributor for Invigo Coffee for the Asia Pacific region, ADG is actively appointing local distributors in the local markets in Asia.  It has signed up distributors in Singapore and the Philippines; with other regional markets under discussion.


Perseus Biomics

As advisor to Perseus Biomics, a medical technology innovator, ADG is instrumental in the partnership with Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and developing the commercial deployment of its transformational microbiome sequencing capabilities.  

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ADG is a business partner of Timwe Tech in the Asia Pacific region; taking their world class telco platforms and services to enhance the competitiveness of mobile operators.

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We represent the interest of a major shareholder and investor of Campana - a submarine fibre-optic cable infrastructure player linking Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

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Cambodia Micro-Insurance 

The Cambodian leadership is taking a step in the right direction in inculcating the need for a safety net when it comes to motoring.  A national program to insure all motorist is underway to alleviate the financial burden of road users in the unfortunate event of an accident.  ADG is privileged to be involved in this meaningful social initiative.

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Gas Exploration

ADG is honoured to have the opportunity to participate in identifying suitable strategic investors for the energy production, sustainability and security project; not only for Myanmar but also the regional stakeholders. Energy production is a key driver of economic growth and the significance of this project cannot be overstated.


Anti-oxidizing Infuser

Life changing patented technology - the world's first anti-oxidizing energy infused water.  The importance of anti-oxidants is well documented in removing damaging free radicals from our bodies. This invention is truly a miracle in the promotion of health and well being within the modern, face paced and stressful environments.  Licensing, distribution, investment and partnership opportunities available for global markets.

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Infusing Beauty & Wellness 

The energizing and dynamic impact of anti-oxidant infused water penetrates the skin towards the hypodermis layers; resulting in deeper hydration, higher elasticity and reduces oiliness.  The business and consumer applications of this patented innovation is extensive and limited only by our imagination.  

Licensing to beauty & wellness, beverage, breweries, coffee, bottled water, home/office/industrial installations and more.

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